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Thatch Removal

  Home   Thatch prevents water, oxygen and nutrients from penetrating the soil.

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  Rentals   Lawn Comber blades remove thatch, which is then raked up.
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  Vending   Optional Delta Reel is often used to slice through running-stem grasses.
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  Site Map   After thatching, the essentials can reach turfgrass roots.
      Thatch is a dense layer of living and dead roots, stems, and organic matter that accumulates at the soil surface. Thatch accumulates when the rate of decomposition is much lower than the rate of grass growth. Use of certain fertilizers or pesticides may encourage an accumulation of thatch by increasing turf growth and/or killing beneficial organisms, such as earthworms. Excessive thatch reduces penetration of water and other materials, such as fertilizer. It also encourages shallow grass roots which makes turf more susceptible to stress and pests.

Thatch also reduces the effectiveness of pesticides and creates an ideal environment for insects and lawn diseases.  By periodically removing this layer of thatch with a lawn comber, you can greatly improve the lawn's health and appearance.

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