Iron Shed Fitness Club

302 M Ave

Vinton, Iowa52349







RULES & REGULATIONS:Member agrees to abide by the rules, regulations and privileges of membership as set forth herein, or as may be promulgated by The Iron Shed in the future by written notification to member or through posting at The Iron Shed.Member further understands that all rules, regulations and privileges, rates, due, member fees and charges are subject to change without notice at the sole and absolute discretion of The Iron Shed.Member understands that violation of the rules, regulations and privileges of membership may result in termination of membership privileges, and that any such termination of membership privileges shall be in the sole discretion of The Iron Shed.Termination of membership privileges for violation of Iron Shed rules, regulations and privileges of membership will not relieve members of their financial obligations to The Iron Shed under their membership agreements.


FACILITY SECURITY:Members shall permit no person, other than another current member, to enter The Iron Shed Facility.


LOST OR STOLEN ARTICLES:It is hereby understood and agreed that it is the memberís sole responsibility to care for his/per personal property.Articles of personal property left behind for fourteen (14) days will be disposed of without recourse.Member agrees to assume all risks of accident or damage to his/her person and/or property and loss thereof, and agrees to hold The Iron Shed, its agents, employees and officials harmless on account of any such loss.


CONDUCT OF MEMBER:Member understands and agrees that member will conduct himself of herself in a quiet, well-mannered fashion while in the facility.Members agree that they will not abuse or misuse the equipment.Membership may be revoked if member intentionally engages in unreasonable or undesirable behavior.Judgment of such unusual circumstances shall be solely at the discretion of The Iron Shed.


EXERCISE PROCEDURES:All free weights and dumbbells have their respective storage areas.Return all free weights and dumbbells to their respective storage areas immediately upon concluding your use of them.Do not drop dumbbells.Free weight plates are not allowed on the floor and are not be leaned against benches.Bench free weights are not to be utilized without the assistance of a spotter.Iron Shed equipment shall not be removed from the facility under any circumstance.


CLEANLINESS REGULATION:Cleanliness is a top priority.No tobacco products are allowed on The Iron Shed property (smoking or chewing.)Please use trash containers to dispose of trash.


Member will not sell, assign or transfer this agreement or membership or any other right of privilege obtained from The Iron Shed.Member shall not permit any other person to utilize his/her facility entrance card.



I fully understand the rules and regulations set forth above, and all questions regarding the same have been answered to my satisfaction.I have read and understand The Iron Shed rules and regulations.




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